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The Phoînix Law Firm, PLLC

Second Amendment & Gun Law

Business & Corporate Law

Probate & Estate Administration

Real Estate Transactions


The Phoinix Law Firm provides sophisticated legal services with an enthusiastic approach to achieving our client's objectives.

With an analytical, solutions-oriented approach to all legal matters, we aim to make the client's involvement as fulfilling and stress-free as possible. Whether you need counsel for business affairs, real estate transactions, advice on your legal rights as they pertain to firearms, estate planning, help in establishing the best structures for your investment properties, drafting private placements for private investors, or any other legal matter you are facing, you can rely on us for careful attention and comprehensive treatment.

Initiative and research are our watchwords in approaching any legal challenge. We always explore the full potential benefits that can be attained in a client's matter.


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"Jeremy was a HUGE help with getting all my business matters organized and set up properly! There is so much peace of mind knowing I can move forward with my business venture having all the protections in place. He saved me a ton of expenses and helped me avoid tax issues down the road that I never would have known on my own!"     ~Louis A
"I went through life not knowing anything about a gun trust until I took a class from Jeremy and learned all about it. Now I have everything set so that if anything happens to me, my family will be protected and avoid any violations of law-can't ask for anything better than that!"     ~Jim T
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