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Gun Law

Second Amendment

& Gun Law

Gun Trusts for Your Protection

Do you have firearms that you want to pass on to your loved ones? Do you own or plan to purchase NFA firearms where you could possibly create a felonious situation for members of your household? If so, allow us to assist in navigating your questions or drafting a gun trust so that you may avoid those potentially life-altering predicaments.

The Second Amendment (2A) reads: "A well regulated militia, being necessary to the security of a free state, the right of the people to keep and bear arms, shall not be infringed."

At Phoinix Law, we view the Second Amendment as an inalienable right, and not just a loose suggestion. We help you in all aspects of maintaining your Second Amendment rights.

Business Law

Business Law

Create a Business Entity-The Right Way!

At Phoinix Law, we help you with business development, management and regulatory compliance issues and we know the importance of obtaining reliable legal assistance to help make smart decisions.

As a business entrepreneur, you are able to organize your business as any one of a variety of entities, such as a limited liability company (LLC), corporation (S-Corp, C-Corp), family limited partnership (FLP) or sole proprietorship. As your attorneys, we will help you analyze the important considerations involved in making this choice.

At  Phoinix Law we take our role as corporate counsel seriously, knowing that it affects every aspect of your business’s viability. By offering advice on your legal rights and duties and those of your corporate officers, we can ensure that all transactions your business undertakes are both legally sound and in your best interests. We draw on our knowledge of corporate practices in general and your business’s specific organizational structure to provide representation that advances your goals. We offer advice and counsel to entities of all sizes throughout Idaho.

We work tirelessly to handle your corporate concerns with the skill and efficiency your entity deserves, whether you are seeking to create a company or looking to expand your horizons. We have the experience, dedication and skill to provide advisory, transactional and litigation services for clients in all areas of corporate law. 

Probate & Estate

Probate & Estate

Protect Your Legacy

Whether you need a will, trust, living will, powers of attorney, or you are faced with having to go to court to probate a will from a deceased loved one, our aim is to help you with each step in the process, aiming to give you the best outcome possible.

  • Complex & Simple Wills

  • Revocable Living Trust

  • Power of Attorney (POA)

  • Special Need Trusts

  • Living Wills & Durable

       POA for Health Care​

  • Credit Shelter & AB Trusts

  • Probate

Because estate administration and estate planning are so interrelated, at Phoinix Law we handle both for our clients. We strive to ensure that your estate planning will impact the administration of your estate in the way that you intend it to. We use various planning techniques to reach your desired outcome and consult with you on what we think will best suit your wishes.

You are our priority, and thus we are skilled in the different areas of law that will typically have the most impact on your estate. Some of these areas include, but are not limited to, tax law, real estate law, estate planning, family law, and probate. All of these work hand-in-hand so that your legacy will be protected during your lifetime and preserved for your loved ones after you are gone.

Real Estate

Real Estate

Your Property Transactions Done Right

From offer to sale, we handle all aspects of real estate transactions. Our knowledgable guidance combined with the commitment to addressing your questions and concerns as they arise mean you can feel confident that your interests are being protected at every step.

At Phoinix Law, we draw on extensive knowledge of Idaho real estate law and financing to represent clients in real estate transactions. If you are ready to buy or sell a property, or if you need strong representation during a real estate dispute, we provide experienced counsel and strong advocacy to protect your real property investment. We have a thorough understanding of both the commercial and residential markets and can guide you through the process from contract to closing, handling title conflicts, zoning and land use issues, eminent domain, foreclosures and other relevant property matters.

  • Land Trusts

  • Draft & Review Sales Contracts

  • Negotiate Agreements

  • Review Lending Documents

  • Search & Clear Title

  • Analyze Deals

  • Handle Land Use, Zoning & Permitting Issues

  • Conduct Real Estate Closings

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